The Application

When I picked up my first PHP book, it contained little that would help the reader develop something after reading 50 pages of code. As you might expect, I had a very bad taste in my mouth after reading all those pages and realizing that I really couldn't show something exciting for all the trouble I went through. I wanted something that could get me going in the first section of the chapter. I'm sure you're as eager as I am to get something up and running fast and eventually being able to demonstrate the power of Zend Framework. Before you jump into the application, though, the foundation for the overall architecture and flow of the application you'll build throughout this book needs to be in place.

I'll spend these few pages outlining what you'll eventually be able to show off to your manager, spouse, and even your pet dog: an application that is worthy of your time and Zend Framework. The application is not too big to manage, and it won't be too complicated to create and maintain; it won't be another online store, a to-do list, or a popular social networking application. What you'll be working on is a small online music mash-up site called

This section covers the outline, flow, and architecture of the application so you'll understand what you're building as you go through each chapter of the book. I also describe the pieces of Zend Framework so you can jump to any chapter and figure out whether that chapter is what you need.

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