Zend Platform System Diagram

The Zend Platform system diagram below demonstrates where Zend Platform components typically reside in the PHP-enabled enterprise.

Web Cluster Diagram
Figure: 2 - Zend Platform System Diagram

The system diagram illustrates the following points:

• Zend Platform's Standalone Cluster Server is installed on a Web server. It consists of two components: Zend Platform Central and a Platform Node installation.

• The System Administrator controls all Platform Central functions. He is able to work with Platform from his normal workstation using his standard Web


• Platform Central is used to manage the cluster of Platform Nodes.

• Zend Platform Nodes are discrete installations of Platform, which include instances of Zend Monitor. Zend Monitor reports monitoring events to the Cluster Server.

• Configuration settings for each Node (e.g., which events to monitor, which actions to take, configuration settings, etc.) are configured individually for each Node from the Management Station. The system administrator can also clone settings from any Node and distribute them to other Nodes throughout the system. These settings are stored in the Configuration Settings database on the Zend Platform Server.

• Nodes host resident PHP-based services that fill requests from the Web.

• Load Balancing directs requests to available servers in the web farm.

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