The idea for this book came to me years ago after about a year and a half of working in the Zend Global Services group. Being "on the front lines" of solving the problems of some of the most complex PHP application implementations on the planet, it quickly became clear to me that there was a real need for a text that captures the solutions and techniques we were discovering from one client to the next. Unfortunately when you're in the services business time is scarce, and while I had written the table of contents for the book, that TOC sat gathering dust in my archives until the day I had the time and energy to pursue it.

That opportunity came years later, after I resigned my position at Zend to pursue other challenges. As it turned out, Zend was interested in creating a branded series of books as part of a series through Apress ("Zend Press") and was in search of qualified authors. Suddenly that TOC that had been stagnant for years once again had legs. Of course it took a few revisions to factor in things that have changed over the years, but ultimately I was surprised to find how many of the solutions we had worked with years ago still were not only relevant today but also unknown to many PHP developers.

Of all of the books I have worked on over the years, I have enjoyed writing this one the most. Partly because it's a bit smaller than my previous works (*grin*), but mostly because I really feel like the content has so much value that doesn't get a lot of attention even today. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it! As you get started with this book, I strongly recommend that you visit the companion web site (http://www., where you will find an errata, the VMware virtual machine that is a complete self-contained environment for the examples and demos found in this book, as well as other resources you may find useful.

Thank you for purchasing my book! Enjoy!

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