I'd like to give a special thanks to Morgan Tocker, who so willingly agreed to lend his amazing wealth of MySQL knowledge to this book. Without him the book most certainly would have suffered.

John Coggeshall

I can remember the day I told my dad I was going to be working remotely for a Swedish database company called MySQL AB. To him, the idea of someone putting money in my bank account each month while I sat at home in Australia sounded like a scam. It turned out to be a big career break.

I would like to acknowledge my former colleagues at the MySQL AB (now Sun Microsystems) Support and Training teams. It was through your patience and willingness to share that I began picking up the pieces to place in this book (with a special thanks to Tobias Asplund, who provided many of the examples I used).

I would also like to thank Percona, my current employer, for continuing to enhance MySQL and adding the demanding performance features that escape Sun Microsystems' eyes. We'd all be at a loss without you.

Morgan Tocker

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