About the Authors

■JOHN COGGESHALL is CEO of Internet Technology Solutions, a PHP-focused technology consultancy. The former Senior Architect of Zend Technologies' Global Services team, he got started with PHP in 1997 and is the author of three published books and over 100 articles on PHP technologies with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sams Publishing, Apress, and O'Reilly. John also is an active contributor to the PHP core as the author of the Tidy extension, a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, and a frequent speaker at PHP-related conferences worldwide. His web site, http://www.coggeshall.org/, is an excellent resource for any PHP developer, and you can follow him on Twitter by adding (fflcoogle.

■MORGAN TOCKER is a Consultant at Percona, a company that provides consulting and custom development for MySQL.

Before joining Percona, Morgan worked as a Technical Instructor for MySQL (and then Sun Microsystems) in Canada, where he taught courses on high availability, performance tuning, and database administration. He is a frequent conference speaker in the United States and Canada.

Morgan has also previously worked as a MySQL Support Engineer and claims that he can look at complex problems and answer with a bug number, without having to ever look it up.

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