RIAs are a great thing and I expect their use to grow in coming years. They do, however, force us as developers to rethink how we build our applications. In theory, any action our application can take may need to be built as an API so that a RIA can access it. As web applications move out of the browser and on to mobile devices, gaming consoles DVRs, and other non-traditional devices, the world of possibilities and potential users, opens up before us. It is possible to conceive applications as being written solely as APIs. The models containing the business logic can then be used by controllers that implement a traditional web based interface. However be-

Figure 11.1

cause everything is exposed as an API, any application with the proper permissions can access your data and processes.

Zend Framework allows us to easily expose just about any action or piece of data as an API. However, as you saw in the first part of the chapter, if you don't think about it when you are setting your architecture, you will have to go back and refactor. It's better to do it from the beginning.

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