Introducing Zend Framework

Zend Framework was designed and built to improve developer productivity. Unlike other frameworks that require large configuration files to work, most aspects of a Zend Framework application can be defined at runtime using simple PHP commands. This saves developers time because instead of complex configuration files controlling every aspect of the application, you only configure the parts that deviate from the norm.

Zend Framework was written entirely in PHP 5. It will not run on any server that does not have a minimum of PHP 5.1.4 installed. The current version has been thoroughly tested and over 80% of the code is covered by test cases using PHPUnit. Zend Framework was built on several key concepts:

• Best Practices

• Community Driven

• Extensionability

• Extreme Simplicity

• Liberal BSD License

Unlike many other frameworks available for PHP Zend Framework chose not to implement the ActiveRecord pattern and not to ship with an Object-Relation Mapper (ORM). Contrary to popular opinion, this was not an oversight but a conscious decision by the framework team.

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