Implementing the Data Management System

The data management system is the core of a CMS project. This system will manage all content for the CMS, so it is probably the most important aspect of the project. If you design it well, the CMS will be easy to work with and serve a wide range of needs; if not, you will inevitably be refactoring the system before long.

In the previous section, I went over how to create flexible data systems, focusing on the node pattern, which you will base the system on. Now that you understand the basic principles of the system, you need to determine how these abstract concepts can be used to manage the content of your CMS.

The first step is to decide exactly what information you want to make available in the page object. This data is then broken down into items that are going to be required for every page and items that may be variable. The items that are required by every page are managed by the page component; these include the name and content type. Then the headline, main content, and any other content blocks are managed by the content node component.

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